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Activity Descriptions

We have over 150 challenges and activities for kids and adults to play inside our arena. These events include Team Challenges, Personal Challenges, Competition Games and Stunts!  Below is a sampling of just a few of the events.  Our staff will facilitate the entire program and set up multiple events at a time to keep everyone engaged.

Event/Party/Corporate Activities


Survivor – Each team will try to make their way from one end of the arena to the other without touching the floor with any part of their body.  Using large peanut shaped rubber balls to “body surf” to the other side. The first team to successfully get their entire team to the other side wins.


Triple Trouble – Each challenger will try to make their way from one end of an unstable ball bridge to the other without falling down or touching the mats. Did we mention that giant peanut shaped balls are being hurled through the air to knock you down. This hilarious challenge is great for individual competitors and teams of warriors.


Lava Pit – Peanut shaped balls will be placed in the middle of the arena floor surrounded by soft mats.  Teams will link their arms together however they choose, but must stay connected at all times throughout the activity.  No team member can touch anything other than their feet to the peanut balls.  If they do, the entire team must start over. The first team to successfully get across wins.


Bridge – Participants are given objects to build a bridge across the arena floor. Once an object is placed it cannot be moved.  If an object falls over, it can no longer be used. The first team to cross their bridge wins.


Breakthrough – Giant rubber bands are stretched across two mats lying end-to-end on the arena floor. Challengers carry a scoring ball while running through the maze to dunk the ball in a scoring pod at the opposite end. The first team to score wins.


Tower Up – One participant stands on top of a pedestal attached to a self-belay device. Team members have to construct a tower made of blocks under their teammate’s feet. The objective is to construct as many levels of blocks as possible under the participants feet. The team with the most levels wins.


Rock-n-Roll (Pipe) – A twenty foot pipe is placed on the arena floor.  Participants must first get their entire team seated on the pipe without falling off.  Then, one at a time, members need to stand.  Once standing, they need to work together to roll the pipe in one direction (approximately 15 feet) without falling off. The team with the highest number of participants remaining on the pipe wins.


To inquire about scheduling a Denver area kids/teen birthday parties, field trips, youth group activities, bar mitzvah parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, corporate team building activities at Warrior Challenge Arena just give us a call at (720) 370-9700 today.

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