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What age is are your events appropriate for?

Warrior Challenge Arena events/parties are designed for ages 4 years old and up through adults.  Our staff will choose activities that are appropriate for the age and skill set of the group.  


For safety purposes


unless they are supervised by an adult at all times.


My child was invited to a party can his/her sibling play alongside?

Older and younger siblings are welcome to be participants in the birthday group. For much older siblings they may even play on and try equipment separate from the groups activity.


The Party's Host pays for each participant on the floor.  Therefore, if you want an uninvited sibling to stay and play, let our front desk staff know and we can charge you separately for their time on the floor.  


What if I do not have a group of 10 people or more?

We can host your group if you do not have 10 participants, however, the package cost will remain the same since the time slot you book is exclusive to your group.  

Can adults play at kid event?

Absolutely!  Adults are encouraged to join in on the fun, however, they will be counted among the participants and charged accordingly.  We ask that Adults who are "spectators" (not joining in on the fun) to please remain in the designated areas off the arena floor.


Is the Party Area sound proof?

No. The Party Area is an open space adjacent to the arena floor that has been designated for food and drink consumption. (Food and drink items are not allowed anywhere else in the arena.) The space is not enclosed or sound proof.

What do you provide and what should I bring for the Party Area?

For each Party Room we provide two, 8 ft, rectangular tables with seating. Each table holds approximately 12 kids or 10 adults. There is also a smaller, 3 ft, rectangular table provided for food/cake set up.

We encourage you to make your Party Area festive if you like. However, it is not required.  Most groups who choose to decorate bring table cloths, plates and napkins in your child's favorite theme or colors. Feel free to bring balloons, table toppers and cake stands as you desire. 

Please DO NOT bring ​

  • Pinatas, confetti, streamers, glitter or small bouncing or flying objects that might end up in another parties food. 

  • Open flame devices (other than birthday candles).

Can I bring my own food into the party area?

Yes!  You can bring in any outside food items you choose.  If you would like to order pizza we ask that you do it through our front desk staff, 24 hours in advance. We order your pizza to arrive 5-10 min before participants get off the floor so it's still hot when you sit down


We have a corporate account with Blackjack Pizza, and we happily pass our discount on to you! 


Do you have a freezer for ice cream?

Yes.  A refrigerator and freezer are available for your use.

Is 30 minutes enough time in the Party Area?

Yes. 30 minutes tends to be enough time to eat some food, sing happy birthday then eat cake...and don't worry the clean up is our job!  However, if you also want time to open presents and chat and show pictures to in coming parents as they pick up their kids you may want to considering extending your Party Area rental to a full hour.


Do you offer free play?

Yes!  We host Ninja Camps during school breaks.  Camps are geared toward kids ages 5-13 yrs. Camp Dates are listed on our Drop-In & Camps page. 


Your scheduled event is PRIVATE and therefore the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If given enough notice, we will do our best to fill the vacant spot.  If we are successful, 50% of your deposit can be used toward a future event.


Payments taken for classes are NON-REFUNDABLE. We suggest signing up for "Trial Class" to make sure your ninja is ready before purchasing a regular monthly membership. 

Drop-Ins and Camps:

Payments taken for Drop-ins and Camps are NON-REFUNDABLE. However, if we are notified at least 24 before your Drop-In or Camp is to take place we can reschedule your child for a different day/time.


What are your hours?

Warrior Challenge Arena is open by appointment Monday through Sunday. Typically, Saturday activities start at or around 10:00 am and Sunday at 11:00 am.  We book events on weekdays and evenings as well, so please call us at (720) 370-9700 for availability.

What should I wear to an event?

Comfortable Athletic Clothing is highly recommended. Shoes are not worn in the arena and socks are optional.

How many people can you accommodate?

Our arena can accommodate groups of up to 150 adults and up to 200 youth.  For larger group sizes, please call us at (720) 370-9700 for options.


Can you go on location?

No.  We no longer offer on-location events due to wear and tear on the equipment.

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