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Meet the team

We have a unique team of Warrior Coaches that combine elite athleticism, creative genius, and fun-loving personalities.  Let's introduce you to them!

Michael Homan
Owner / Lead Coach
Kyle Sanders
Head Coach

Coach Michael is one of the founders of Warrior Challenge Arena and will serve as a lead coach here as well when the need arises.  You will often see him behind the computer at the front desk, but don't let that fool you, he can bring the energy to the arena floor and the event to life for you and your group.

Coach Kyle heads up our classes, team building, and professional development workshops. He is the head coach of Team Warrior Challenge and holds a Ninja Coach Certification through UNAA. With the support of his wife and 3 ninja kids, he became a ninja at the age of 40 after a successful college football and baseball career.

Amanda Colton
Jared Bell
Logan Davis
Lead Coach
Lead Coach
Lead Coach
Brett Aldridge
Lead Coach

Coach Amanda started out watching her 3 kids enjoy our Homeschool Warrior Classes.  She then had drive to use her athletic prowess to tackle the sport of ninja herself.  Amanda has worked her away into a lead coach role through her helpful spirit and attitude of continuous improvement.

Coach Jared joined the WCA team in 2021 and quickly become part of the family! With backgrounds in athletics, teaching, and youth development he is able to bring the fun to every interaction on the arena floor and beyond!  

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Jack Reynolds
Kyla Sanders
Assistant Coach
Christy Sanders
Assistant Coach

Coach Logan joined the WCA team in 2022 and has taken very little time to become one of the most beloved class coaches! He finds ways to include everyone in what is happening and always makes the experience more fun!  

Assistant Coach
Bradyn Andres
Assistant Coach

Coach Brett takes is fun loving personalities and pours everything he has into Warriors of all ages.  As a father of twins and a former college athlete he brings the right mix of fun and competitiveness to his coaching.

Coach Kyla competes in the 15U division of Team Warrior Challenge as well a top level rhythmic gymnastics. She helped build the structure for our Wee Warrior program and enjoys coaching the 3 - 5 year olds in the morning classes.

Coach Jack went from having fun with his younger brothers in our Homeschool Warrior Classes to leading the state in the Pro/Am division of the Colorado Ninja League.  He brings that "big brother feeling" of support to our class Warriors.

Coach Christy started out as a Ninja Mom with 3 kids on Team Warrior a husband, Coach Kyle!   She coaches the 7U Warriors on Team Warrior Challenge.  She also caught the ninja bug and has started to compete herself!

Our amazing Junior coaches are middle school and high school aged individuals who assist lead coaches with setup, cleanup, demonstrations, and more.

Junior Coaches include:

Hailey, Isaiah, Marcus, Devin, Aryana, Payton, Kseniia, Milo, 

Bryce, Mina, Joe

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