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Corporate Team Events
Team Bonding, Team Building, Professional Development Workshops

Looking for some fun corporate team building or team bonding events in the Denver area? Look no further! Warrior Challenge Arena's, 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 hour team programs that are designed to develop the overall effectiveness and communication of your team.  Your corporate team event will be customized to your specific goals, objectives, and dynamics of the group. 

What does your team need?


These events focus on the FUN to bring your team together.  Bonding is important to building trust and unity even if your staff members are already working well together. We believe there’s no better way to build relationships amongst peers than by simply having a ton of fun in a competitive environment.

  • Develops relationships amongst various levels of employees

  • Improves morale and create camaraderie

  • Enhances productivity and communication 

  • Improves group and individual problem solving skills

  • Provides a highly engaging, interactive and entertaining event for your team


These events provide tangible and specific benefits to your company and staff. Team Building recognizes that each member in a team has their own skills and that only by working together can can a team become stronger and to be more productive. The biggest benefit of team building is the long-term results. These activities can truly change the performance flow in your office. With team building games you instantly see a return on your investment. 

  • Demonstrates the importance of effective strategic planning

  • Builds leadership and delegation skills

  • Define goals & objectives of management and the group

  • Define strengths of the group as well as individual strengths

Physical Activity Level Choices:

Mild - Great for mostly sedentary groups.  Don't let the "Warrior" name scare you away.  These challenges require minimal physical ability with a heavy focus on strategy and communication.

Moderate - Great for a mix of sedentary and physically fit groups.  These challenges will incorporate some physical support and team members being in some out-of-the-ordinary physical positions, so they'll need to ask for help to accomplish.

Mission Impossible...almost - These challenges require some physical exertion and are great for mostly physically fit groups and athletic  teams.

Team Building, Team Building Denver


If your team is experiencing crucial issues that are affecting individuals outside the team and possibly even your sales or you believe that investing in your employees will pay dividends,  we recommend adding a Professional Development Workshop to your Team Building Event. These skill-building workshops give your team the tools to break down any barriers, build trust and unity for maximum effectiveness.


Our workshops are facilitated by our resident expert, Kyle Sanders, of SEEK More Training ( Kyle holds a  MS in Organizational Development & Workplace Learning from Northwestern University and has built, developed, & lead over 400 workshops of all sizes throughout the country.  His engaging personality will instantly put your team at ease and prepare your team for the next step in their professional development. 

Professional Development Workshops are customized to your teams needs and can help your team L.E.A.P. ahead with their productivity:

Topics Include:

  • Leadership in Action

  • Effective Communication Strategies

  • Acquiring Emotional Intelligence

  • Power of Goal Building

Chick-fil-A Gardens on Havana

We brought our leadership team here on Sunday, June 6th 2021 for some team building activities and exercises. We had no idea how fun and awesome it was going to be! They have something for everyone across all physical abilities. Our team had such a great time. We will never forget this experience and will be returning in the future! #supportsmallbusinesses

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Michelle Main

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So much fun. A challenging, team building, competitive way to ring in 40!

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Remember, the more time you spend  in a TEAM BUILDING or TEAM BONDING experience the more you will get out of it.

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"I'm the General Manager of a major restaurant chain/company. We were able to work with Kyle to set up an awesome workshop and team building event for our cooks! They had been struggling with communication so we set up an hour of workshop time to work on better communication and feedback with their specialist as well as a half an hour of fun and games in the arena! Our cooks and management had a blast and as a result we have seen improved communication throughout our kitchen! I am now spreading the word to our neighboring stores and district managers of their awesome programs!"                                        

- Yelp reviewer

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